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Cleaning Can Save Your Life

Dear Francine, My husband and I are trying to schedule regular professional cleaning of our upholstery because it is so easy to lose track of our last cleaning. We use a small vacuum to take the odds and sods off our furniture, but is that enough? If I need to have my upholstery cleaned professionally, […]

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Dealing With Pet Stains

Dear Francine, It’s official! My husband and our two kids have just spent one year in our new home. Following through on a promise we have made to our children, we have elected to adopt our first dog: a husky pup we have named Sam. Sam is a sweet boy, but a little rambunctious. Also, […]

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Carpet Q&A

Dear Francine, My wife and I have moved into an older home. The carpets had been replaced just prior to our move in date. I have a few questions and I hope you can help me, Francine. How often should we have the carpets cleaned? What are the rules I should follow for cleanings? When […]

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