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Remove Salt From Your Carpets

Dear Francine, My house is essentially wall-to-wall carpets. It's a lot of work to preserve them, but I love the way they look in my home. Now that it's Winter and I'm regularly entertaining friends and family at my home. With that many people coming in and out of my...

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Grease Stains

Dear Francine, My family sometimes eats in the living room despite the many times I try to lay down the law about not having any sauces or other kinds of greasy foods near the carpets. I am terrified I am going to see grease stain in any corner of the living room any...

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Tea & Cocoa Stains

Dear Francine, My wife and I are enjoying the fact that this winter has been relatively free of snow. So, there have not been too many extra cleaning to do, but our kids still find ways to bless our home with extra messes. Our eldest takes after me and is regularly...

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What’s Good for the Goose

Dear Francine, I want to keep my bedroom nice, warm, and tidy for the holidays. However, I have goose down pillows and luxurious duvet. Does Sparkling Clean handle these speciality items? How often should I clean my duvet? What can I do so that my pillows and duvet...

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Year In Review

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to thank all our readers for participating and getting involved with our website. You give us much to consider by stopping by the Ask Francine section here and regularly asking such great question! Over time, there's been a number...

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The Two Most Common Upholstery Issues

Dear Francine, We’ve just picked up a new living room set. Our sofas and chairs are pristine now, but when should we have our upholstery cleaned? Thanks so much for your question! Sure, most of the time a sofa's role in your home is strictly functional. We all need a...

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Holiday Cleaning Tips

Dear Francine, Our family is anticipating a lot of guests for the holidays, but you know how these things can get out of hand. What can I do to deal with the inevitable stains? The holiday season is indeed a wonderful time to spend with friends and family. New faces...

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Not-So-Sweet Spots

Dear Francine, My husband and I do our best to juggle work and family. With three rambunctious young ones at home, major messes and stains are pretty common in our house. Typically, our kids tend to favor jam sandwiches as snacks. It isn't long before I see drops of...

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Red, Red Wine

Dear Francine, My husband and I have something of a party house. Nothing too crazy at our age (all I am willing to say is we are in our forties), but we do like to break out a few bottles of wine with friends and co-workers. Of course, when you dip into the wine on...

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