Comparing Carpet Cleaning Methods

If you live in the Hamilton or Burlington area and are shopping around for a carpet cleaning company, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at how many carpet cleaning methods are on the market today. How do you know which is best for your home? Well today we are going to discuss the most popular carpet cleaning methods along with some of the pros and cons of each.

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Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This method is commonly referred to as steam cleaning. It uses high pressured hot water to blast and dissolve dirt buildup in the carpet. It often involves using a cleaning agent, followed by the actual steam cleaning and then rinsing. While this method does an effective job at removing dirt, it will leave your carpet wet for several hours.

Carpet Shampooing

Just like the name suggests, shampooing uses a carpet soap to clean heavily soiled carpet. This method can be problematic because it can leave behind a lot of wet and sticky residue on your carpet.


Encapsulation is a carpet cleaning technique that uses a synthetic detergent that crystallizes when it dries and “encapsulates” the dirt. These crystals are then removed with a vacuum cleaner. This method is more popular than shampooing because it uses less water and therefore takes less time to dry. The drawback of this method is that it cannot do a thorough job when the carpet is heavily soiled.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonneting is a method that cleans only the surface of the carpet but does not remove dirt that is deep down in the carpet’s fibres. It uses a heavy duty machine and spinner pads with a cleaning solution to clean the surface of the carpet. This method is mainly used in public areas that have a lot of foot traffic and need a quick fix.

In addition to not giving a deep clean the other disadvantage of this method is that it can leave behind quite a bit of residue from the cleaning solution.

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

The latest technology to come on to the carpet cleaning scene is dry foam carpet cleaning. This method provides not only a thorough cleaning but there is zero drying time needed.

Dry foam carpet cleaning works by applying a biodegradable powder cleaner to the carpet which is then pushed down deep into the fibres using a motorized machine and brush. The powder then absorbs dirt before being removed during the cleaning process.

Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Of these five popular methods, dry foam cleaning comes out as the clear winner. It is safe for any type of carpet and is nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry if you have children or pets.

Furthermore, the fact that there is no drying time means you can get back to using your carpet again as soon as it has been cleaned.

If you would like to learn more about dry foam carpet cleaning or get a free quote for your Hamilton or Burlington home or office, then contact Sparkling Clean Carpets today.

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