We were thrilled with how our white carpets cleaned up. They look fresh again!! There were stains and heavy traffic marks as well as some pet accidents….not any more-good as new. Thanks!!
Leanna, Burlington

We almost didn’t get the carpet cleaned because in the past we’d tried different companies and had been disappointed with the results – actually we couldn’t see any difference in one case. However, we tried Sparkling Clean and it was fabulous. Staff were great and the carpets came up beautifully despite a build up of dirt and pet hair. We were selling the place and believe the clean carpets went a long way towards the really quick sale of the place. Thanks!!!
Paul, Burlington

By far the best carpet cleaning we have ever had. We recently moved into a previously owned home with badly stained carpets. Not being a fan of carpet cleaning due to less than great results in the past, we were going to replace them. I called Sparkling Clean because of the great reviews and went ahead with it not expecting much. Our carpets are like new and we won’t be replacing them now. I would not hesitate to do it again.
M. Arsenault

Great value for carpet cleaning. Cleaned five rooms in my house and two sofas. Their staff came to my home ready for work and on time. Left everything back in place and even moved my furniture for me. Now my rugs smell great. I have two dogs and a cat and they remove all the dog and cat hair. Thanks for all your efforts Sparkling Clean and thanks for a job well done.
by H. Salameh, Burlington

Great Job Done I am in the roofing business and I had Sparkling Clean come do my carpets and furniture. They were very professional, courteous and arrived on time. They even removed asphalt stains from my carpets. I purposely had them clean my carpets prior to the sale of my home. This added great value to my home and made it sell much easier within days. Thanks Francine and John for a great job. Will be recommending you to all my friends.
by Barry Franklin, Burlington

I had these people out to my home, to clean carpets and furniture. It was amazing what they did. My carpets are the brightest I’ve ever seen, and the furniture, I can now take the throws off. Everything is stain free, and smells great. I would recommend Sparkling Clean to everyone, the two people Francine & John are fantastic at what they do, Thanks again Sparkling Clean.
by William, Hamilton

Had a carpet with really bad stains recently cleaned. Did a great job and the carpet looks new again!
by Richard, Hamilton

Sparkling clean does a fantastic job and I would highly recommend their service. The staff is very friendly and helpful also.
by Pam Rogers, Ancaster

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Sparkling clean did a wonderful job. I was very happy with the results. I would highly recommend them and I will personally be using their services semi-annually.
Amanda – Burlington

We had Sparkling Clean come in to do our carpets in both bedrooms and stairs. They were very professional and courteous. The carpets look great. We would recommend this company to clean all your carpet needs.
by Anna, Hamilton

I have used other carpet cleaning methods in the past. that’s until I used Sparkling Clean of course. they were at my residence when they were supposed to be, and were very polite and professional, not to mention the awesome job they did taking care of the deep stains on my carpet. As far as carpet cleaning goes Sparkling Clean will definitely always be my number 1 choice. Thanks a lot guys I thought you would appreciate this comment it’s all true!
by Mike, Hamilton

I was very impressed by the cleaning Sparkling Clean did on my furniture and carpets, they got stains out that no others have been able to get out in the past 9yrs. Their staff is very polite and on time. I will definitely recommend them to others. Thanks Sparkling Clean.
by John, Hamilton

I was thoroughly impressed with Sparkling Clean! I have used them now twice and both times my carpets looked spotless (and believe me they were a mess)! They arrived right on time, and were very polite and friendly. I will definitely be using them again!
by Stephanie, Hamilton

Sparkling Clean has done a great job cleaning my carpets twice in the last two years. They looked like new both times. The service agents arrived promptly, were polite and friendly and worked quickly. I would definitely use them again.
by Jamie, Hamilton



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