Carpet Cleaning in Hamilton

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The biggest misconception about your carpet is that you should only have it cleaned when you spill something on it or when you notice some stains, wear, or dirt. Remember, your decor and furnishings become part of your life .

Regular Carpet Cleaning in Hamilton

Cleaning of both your carpets and furniture should be on a routine basis especially to protect your children from hidden and serious detrimental odours . Carpet stains which include tobacco, pet urine, pet stains, vomit, bacteria and mould need to be eradicated from your carpets and furniture to provide a safe environment for your family. Our carpet cleaning method uses an industrial shampoo machine which has an 16 inch scrub brush, which scrubs deep down into the carpet piles. Our carpet cleaning machine uses a circular motion which dislodges and collects the embedded dirt and stains . We then use a high powered turbo vac extractor to remove and extract both the dirt and moisture in your carpet. This method leaves your carpets slightly damp and dries within hours after service. We use an oil free shampoo which contains no harmful chemicals or allergens and no sticky residue. For those more tougher stains we add enzymes to assist us in getting your carpets fresh and sparkling clean. To get rid of those nasty odours we provide deodorizing and disinfect additives to our cleaning solution to ensure that the odours are reduced or eliminated. Our method does not soak into the carpet underlayment or furniture fabric which could result in mould or mildew.

Dry Foam our method totally reduces of shrinking or fading. Voted by Reader’s Choice Award Winners 24 years for carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and area rug cleaners in Hamilton.

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