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Do It Yourself Emergency Carpet & Furniture Cleaning Tips

1. Area Rug Cleaning For All Area Rugs Why use dry foam? Most area rugs contain wool. Imagine if you had a wool or cotton sweater and put it into a dryer using steam. Steam from the dryer will shrink the sweater. Our method circular dry foam cleans all types of area...

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Cleaning Can Save Your Life

Dear Francine, My husband and I are trying to schedule regular professional cleaning of our upholstery because it is so easy to lose track of our last cleaning. We use a small vacuum to take the odds and sods off our furniture, but is that enough? If I need to have my...

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Maintaining That “Brand New” Look

Dear Francine, I’ve been enjoying your blog, but I’m curious about a few things and can’t seem to get a straight answer when I Google around. Do I need to have my brand new carpets and rugs cleaned, even if I have no children or pets? -Brand New Preserver  ...

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Dealing With Pet Stains

Dear Francine, It’s official! My husband and our two kids have just spent one year in our new home. Following through on a promise we have made to our children, we have elected to adopt our first dog: a husky pup we have named Sam. Sam is a sweet boy, but a little...

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Wiping The Dust From Some Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Dear Francine, I am an avid follower of your blog, Francine, but I wish you could come over and talk some sense into my friend Juanita. She has been my best friend for over twenty years, but I can't seem to talk sense to Juanita when it comes to her carpets. She says...

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Tips for Maintaining your Rug

Dear Francine, I have just moved in with my mother who, at the age of 89, needs a little more help around the house than usual. Since moving back home, I must have forgotten about her fondness for decorative rugs, as there are a number of rugs in my home and neither...

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Don’t Sweat It

Dear Francine, I was caught somewhat by surprise in the recent upswing in temperature and humidity. If this is Spring, we may have a really warm Summer ahead of us. I tend to sweat more than most. My wife is pretty kind on the subject, but I would like to know what I...

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Dry Foam vs Other Cleaning Methods

Dear Francine, What is the best cleaning method for each type of stain there is? I see on the Sparkling Clean website and blog that your company specializes with Dry Foam cleanings. Is Dry Foam recommended for all types of messes? Is Dry Foam limited to carpet and rug...

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Carpet Q&A

Dear Francine, My wife and I have moved into an older home. The carpets had been replaced just prior to our move in date. I have a few questions and I hope you can help me, Francine. How often should we have the carpets cleaned? What are the rules I should follow for...

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An Unconventional Tip For Cleaning Mud Stains

Dear Francine, I am a keen reader of the Sparkling Clean blog and have taken much of your advice into account. My wife and I have just moved into a new home and we are having the carpets replaced. Of course, once we have them replaced, there is still a real risk of...

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