Maintaining That “Brand New” Look

Dear Francine,

I’ve been enjoying your blog, but I’m curious about a few things and can’t seem to get a straight answer when I Google around. Do I need to have my brand new carpets and rugs cleaned, even if I have no children or pets?

-Brand New Preserver


furniture cleaning - sofa

Thanks so much for your question, BNP. As is the case with any topic, there is a lot of differing information on the internet regarding furniture, rug, and carpet cleaning. This is great as a potential resource, but you are bound to encounter a lot of conflicting information and even misinformation when you are just trying to find out what is best for your cleaning needs.

You wouldn’t diagnose an illness with a Google search, however, so you should take the same approach with your home. Sparkling Clean is a professional, trusted cleaning service that specializes in cleaning your furniture, mattresses, rugs, and carpets in Hamilton, Ancaster, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas. The advantage of going to a trusted source is that you are getting the right information about your specific issue.

So, does your new carpet or rug need to be professionally cleaned right away? Ideally you want to have your carpet or rug cleaned within the first six months of purchase. Both in the storage and display of carpets and rugs, dust and other particles can accumulate fairly quickly. This also happens with normal wear and tear at home, even if your home is fairly “low-traffic”. Naturally, dust, hair, and other detritus tends to accumulate quicker and more noticeably in home with pets and/or children.

If you suspect you need something cleaned or even if you have general questions, you can call us anytime at (905) 549-9994 for a free estimate on your next cleaning. We are always happy to answer questions about your next carpet, rug, mattress, or furniture cleaning in Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, or Oakville. Or, if you have any questions outside business hours, you can always Ask Francine.



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