Why You Should Have Your Mattress Cleaned Every Year

When is the last time that you had your mattress professionally cleaned? If you’re like most people, it has probably been a while. And – if we want to be honest – there is a good chance that you may have never had it cleaned. But there are some excellent reasons why you should have your mattress cleaned with our unique dry foam process.

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You Will Prolong the Life of Your Mattress

Let’s face it; mattresses aren’t exactly cheap. So the longer you can make yours last, the more money you will be able to save. Over time, mattresses can get compressed down with dirt and oil making them less comfortable for sleeping. A yearly mattress cleaning freshens everything up and keeps your bed feeling comfy-cozy.

Cleaning Helps Get Rid of Dust Mites and Other Debris

We know about them, but we don’t like to think about them. But whether you are thinking about them or not, dust mites collect in your bed and can contribute to respiratory problems. Professional cleaning at least once a year helps to keep them at bay.

Of course, it isn’t just dust mites either. Over time mattresses can collect all kinds of dirt, dead skin and other debris. Gross! You’ll probably sleep better just knowing that all of that has been removed!

Remove Odours and Stains

Especially if you have children or pets, there is a good chance that you might have a few odours or even stains in some of the mattresses in your home. Our dry foam cleaning process works on many types of stains from blood to urine and even red wine (hey, we promise not to judge if you’ve been drinking red wine in bed!)

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

At Sparkling Clean our mattress cleaning process is very similar to our carpet cleaning process. We use a dry foam that leaves absolutely no dampness or residue behind. Your mattress will be completely dry and ready to use as soon as we are finished.

And, our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic so you can rest easy knowing that there is no chance of harmful chemicals being left behind.

What Can I do Between Professional Cleanings?

That is a great question! You certainly don’t have to wait for your yearly professional cleaning to freshen up your mattress. In fact, you shouldn’t. We recommend that you vacuum both your mattress and your box spring approximately every 8 to 12 weeks. Additionally, to keep your bed from getting too lumpy, you should turn over your mattress about once every four months. And next time you go on vacation? Why not give your mattress a vacation too by stripping the sheets and letting it air out.

So, is it time to freshen up your mattress with a professional cleaning from Sparkling Clean Carpets? Give us a call today if you are interested in a quote or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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