Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Our commercial clients have different needs that our typical residential clients. While both residential and commercial carpet cleaning processes share many of the same techniques, we approach the commercial cleaning process a little differently. We recognize the fact that commercial areas usually handle a lot more foot traffic than a typical home. They need to be protected differently from the daily wear and tear to make the carpets last longer while looking their best.

Protect Your Commercial Carpets

For carpets to provide you the best return on investment, a comprehensive program of carpet maintenance is needed. Sparkling Clean recommends regular and frequent removal of dirt and soil accumulation to prevent permanent fibre damage. To minimize the disruption to your business, we can accommodate your schedule by working after hours, evenings or weekends.

waiting room carpet cleaningWe handle:
• office carpet cleaning
• store carpet cleaning
• apartment common areas, hallways
• hotel carpet cleaning
• fitness clubs
• hospitals and doctor’s offices
• restaurants and bars
• banquet halls
• churches
• retirement homes

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