Dealing With Pet Stains

Dear Francine,

It’s official! My husband and our two kids have just spent one year in our new home. Following through on a promise we have made to our children, we have elected to adopt our first dog: a husky pup we have named Sam. Sam is a sweet boy, but a little rambunctious. Also, he is not house trained. We are all doing our best to train Sam, but Sam has had a few “accidents” on our carpets along the way. How can we best deal with pet stains from our newest family member?
-Dog Owner In Training

cute puppy Thanks so much for your letter, DOIT. Congratulations on bringing Sam into a loving home! Adopting a pet comes with its own set of challenges. Before we get into the topic of pet stains, you should take a moment to browse the Humane Society’s page on urine-marking behaviour if you have not yet had the chance to look.

If you see a stain, you need to deal with it immediately. For immediate cleaning, absorb the stain with paper towels. Once you have absorbed the majority of the urine, you will want to wipe the area clean with cold water and then blot dry.

Timing is crucial for any urine stains from a pet. The only ideal time to clean up such a stain is moments before it happens. Urine stains set fairly quickly into fabrics and can even damage wooden surfaces. Worse, even if you do a thorough job cleaning these stains on your own, the odour from pet stains can linger long after the affected area has been cleaned.

The best way to deal with pet stains is by trusting the professionals. At Sparkling Clean Services, our Dry Foam Cleaning Method is a fast and easy way to take care of all pet stains and odors. Servicing all of your cleaning needs, whether it’s mattress cleaning in Ancaster, furniture cleaning in Oakville, rug cleaning in Burlington, carpet cleaning in Hamilton, or anything else–just ask! We are always happy to take care of your biggest cleaning issues. If you have any questions about a particular cleaning issue that is on your mind, you can give us a call at (905) 549-9994 for a free estimate on your next cleaning or just Ask Francine.

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