An Unconventional Tip For Cleaning Mud Stains

Dear Francine,

I am a keen reader of the Sparkling Clean blog and have taken much of your advice into account. My wife and I have just moved into a new home and we are having the carpets replaced. Of course, once we have them replaced, there is still a real risk of guests dragging mud and wet dirt onto the new carpets. What steps should I follow to keep my carpet free of mud stains?

-Man Under Dirt Making A Decision

Thank you so much for your question, MUDMAD, and congratulations on purchasing some lovely new carpets for your home. At Sparkling Clean Services, we see a variety of stains every day. To every stain, there is a different solution for how to clean it.

For how best to clean mud, we have an unconventional tip that may surprise you.

For any mud stain, you are going to want to leave it be for a moment so that it has the time to dry. Yes, that might seem strange where time is a crucial factor in cleaning up and lessening the impact of so many common household stains, but mud is an exception. You want to let the mud dry and, once the mud is no longer moist, you should vacuum the affected area on your carpet. By vacuuming the area after it has dried rather than wiping it with a cloth or towel straight away, you prevent the mud stain from spreading further across your carpet . Should multiple passes with a standard vacuum not resolve your issue, you will need a professional cleaning.

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