Dry Foam vs Other Cleaning Methods

Dear Francine,

What is the best cleaning method for each type of stain there is? I see on the Sparkling Clean website and blog that your company specializes with Dry Foam cleanings. Is Dry Foam recommended for all types of messes? Is Dry Foam limited to carpet and rug cleaning or can it be used for my furniture and mattresses?

-Out To Dry

Thank you for following our blog posts, OTD! Frequent readers of the Ask Francine blog know how often our Dry Foam Cleanings are referenced because they offer the quickest and most thorough stain removals for your furniture. In regards to your question about the extent that Dry Foam can be used on household furnishings, we are happy to report that Dry Foam is not limited to just your carpets and rugs. Yes, Dry Foam is not only compatible with your home furnishings, but it is easily the fastest way to clean a variety of stains from furniture and mattresses.

For the majority of stains, be they fresh or dark patches on the affected part of your home, Dry Foam is the way to go. Through the use of our system, we can lather on the Dry Foam to the affected area and often have a stain completely removed from the area in as little as five minutes. Dry Foam really is the fastest and best cleaning method that has no limits. And yes, we mean no limits, as it easily wipes away stains of all types from mattresses carpets, rugs, cushions, chairs, and sofas.

Really, the only messes where the Dry Foam would not be your default and best cleaning option would be for issues which could be easily vacuumed: namely dry food items like crackers, bread crumbs, or rice.

Judging by your questions, OTD, you give your home cleaning a lot of consideration. Why not give us a call at (905) 549-9994 for a free estimate on any and all cleaning questions. Sparkling Clean Service offers Dry Foam Cleanings of your rugs, carpets, furniture, and mattresses in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Ancaster, and surrounding areas. For all of your cleaning concerns, you can always give us a call or just Ask Francine!

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