Dry Foam To The Rescue – Stain Removal

Francine, I appreciate all your tips on the blog, but I keep seeing references to Dry Foam on your site. What exactly is Dry Foam and how does it work?

Thanks so much! Dry Foam is one of the reasons Sparkling Clean has become the go-to provider of carpet cleaning services in Hamilton, Ancaster, Brantford, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas. The Dry Foam method is our specialty, but it’s something we get asked about a lot. Here’s how it works!

True to its name, Dry Foam is applied dry and requires no water or steam. It is a dense foam produced by a special Dry Foam machine. Dry Foam is then carefully applied to affected areas and scrubbed. Foam is immediately working to clean and restore all stained areas. Within moments, the stain is being absorbed into the foam and is ready to be vacuumed up and disposed of. And it really is a matter of moments, as Dry Foam is also one of the quickest cleaning methods available. Our Dry Foam method can have you walking on your carpets five minutes after cleaning.

What does it work on?

Everything! There are no limits to what our Dry Foam method can clean. Be it your bedroom carpet, leather furniture or the upholstery–every part of your home we service can get the Dry Foam treatment. Our customers have come to rely on its speed and versatility.

Are there any risks?

Dry Foam won’t leave behind any residue, nor will it spread stains. It’s environmentally friendly and contains no oils or allergens. It can be used on any number of stains, including wine, coffee, tea, food, blood, urine…you name the stain and the Dry Foam wipes it out!

Remember, Sparkling Clean doesn’t only do carpet and rug cleaning, but furniture and upholstery cleaning as well. Call us at (905) 549-9994 for a free estimate. For all your cleaning concerns, don’t hesitate to “Ask Francine”.

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