Food Stain Removal: Stains From Dinners And Barbecues (And What To Do With Them)

Dear Francine,

We love to have our neighbours, friends and family over for BBQs and dinners. When the weather starts to cool, however, we like to bring people inside as a respite from the weather. So far, we’ve had no stains, but I don’t want to press our luck. What sort of stains should we be on guard for?

Many readers of the Ask Francine blog are wondering what to do to avoid prominent stains from dinner parties and gatherings. Being aware of what causes the biggest stains can certainly help your prevent them. That’s why all of us at Sparkling Clean Services have compiled this short list of the 3 Most Frequent Stains From Dinners And Barbecues:

1) Tomato-Based Stains: Tomatoes — especially when served with fresh, hot pasta — can be a real treat. They can also be very messy, as curries, stews, chilies and especially pasta dishes with tomato sauce are also the source of frequent, stubborn stains. The same goes for thick marinades or sauces like BBQ sauce, mustard and ketchup can be a nightmare to remove from carpets and furniture. Despite this, they are easily the most common stains one deals with in the aftermath of a family dinner (especially when children are involved).

2) Red Wine Stains: Second only to tomatoes, red wine can leave seemingly permanent marks on nearly everything it touches.

3) Beer Stains: Much like juice or soda spills you sometimes experience with children in the home, beer stains can be a major annoyance for leaving a thick, sticky residue on carpets and furniture. Worse, even more than juices or sodas, beer tends to leave an unpleasant and sour odor for days after the initial spill.

Food Stain Removal

At Sparkling Clean Services, we recommend serious food stain removal be done by the professionals. If you want to try your luck with smaller stains, we are still here to help. Tomato-based stains, red wine and even beer can be difficult to clean, but one solution is to remove all excess food/moisture from the area and apply white vinegar to dilute stains and neutralize odors before dabbing the area with cool water.

As always, feel free to call Sparkling Clean Services at (905) 549-9994 for a free estimate on rug, upholstery, carpet, mattress or furniture cleaning in Hamilton, Ancaster, Brantford, Oakville, Burlington, St. Catharines and surrounding areas. Our Dry Foam method can eliminate the toughest of stains!

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Food Stain Removal

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