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Since adding our Ask Francine feature to our Contact section, we’ve received a lot of questions from homeowners wanting to know more tips on mattress cleaning, furniture cleaning, and carpets cleaning. Today we’ll look at two recent submissions about how to keep your mattress clean and comfy:


“I’ve never had my mattress cleaned since purchasing it a few years back. When is the right time to have my mattress cleaned? How often should I clean it?”

“What can I do to keep dust mites off my bed?”

Those are both great questions. First, if you haven’t had your mattress professionally cleaned in a while (or at all), it’s highly recommended that you do. To prolong the lifespan of your mattress, you should book an annual cleaning. Think of it like going to the dentist. You wouldn’t hold off of seeing a dentist until you had your first cavity. Similarly, you don’t want until your mattress starts losing the comfort you’ve come to rely on before booking your first cleaning.

To address the second submission, it’s worth re-iterating that annual check-ups like these prevent the proliferation of microbacteria and, with it, dust mites. But you shouldn’t stop with just the annual cleaning. You’re going to want to take care of your mattress between annual cleanings. For instance, it’s recommended that you vacuum your mattress and box spring every 8-12 weeks so it can keep its nice, cozy feeling. You’ll also want to turn over your mattress once every four months, as well as strip and air out your mattress next time you’re on vacation.

Don’t let the name fool you! All of us at Sparkling Clean Carpets aren’t just experts on your rugs and carpet cleaning, but your mattresses and furniture cleaners, as well. Be it from Oakville, Burlington, Ancaster, Hamilton or Stoney Creek, we’re eager to help you get the most from your mattress. We’re happy to answer your questions either by phone at (905) 549-9994 or by asking Francine online. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on your next mattress cleaning.

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