The Two Most Common Upholstery Issues

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We’ve just picked up a new living room set. Our sofas and chairs are pristine now, but when should we have our upholstery cleaned?

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Sure, most of the time a sofa’s role in your home is strictly functional. We all need a comfortable place to sit in the living room to talk with friends and family or even just to put your feet up and watch T.V. Being used as frequently as they are, your upholstered items will need to be cleaned every six to twelve months so they can look their best. Sometimes people lose track of their last furniture cleaning, which results in a couple of common upholstery issues.

1) Odour: Noticing a musty or otherwise unpleasant smell from your sofa or chairs? Lingering odours are the most obvious clue that your upholstery needs to be cleaned. It’s a common complaint because upholstery absorbs sweat, as well as pet odours or any odours from spilled food and drink.

2) Discolouration: The root causes of upholstery discolouration varies depending on the type of discolouration you’re seeing. Does your furniture have spots that are dark, white, or slightly grey in colour? Staining is the culprit and is caused by the same factors as foul odours above. Are the colours in your upholstery beginning to fade or run? This is another sign of regular wear and tear, which is more likely to occur with upholstery made from natural fibres.

Remember, you can always prevent these upholstery issues by having your upholstery cleaned once or twice each year. At Sparkling Clean, our speciality Dry Foam Cleaning Method is just the solution for upholstery odour or discolouration. While cleaning liquids or steaming can cause colour bleeding in natural fibres, Dry Foam will keep your furniture looking as dynamic as when you bought it. Give us a call at (905) 549-9994 for a free estimate on your next upholstery, carpet, rug, or mattress cleaning in the Brantford, Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, and surrounding areas.

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