Year In Review

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to thank all our readers for participating and getting involved with our website. You give us much to consider by stopping by the Ask Francine section here and regularly asking such great question! Over time, there’s been a number of  important topics addressed pertaining to the subjects of fabric restoration, stain removal, and dry cleaning.

With all the varied questions sent in to the Ask Francine section this year, it seems like the best way to end a successful year of blogging for Sparkling Clean would be to present an overview of our most popular and frequent asked questions of the year.

How to remove the following stains…
(i) Soda/Cola
(ii) Jam/Jelly
(iii) Coffee
(iv) Red Wine
(v) BBQ sauces 

“What do you do to clean up the toughest holiday stains?”

“How do I get rid of dust in my home?”

“When is the right time to have my mattress cleaned and how often should I clean it?” 

“How do I get rid of pet stains and lingering odors?”

“What exactly is Sparkling Clean‘s celebrated Dry Foam cleaning method and how does it work?”

“How do you remove smoke stains and smells?”

“What are the general rules for keeping a mattress clean?”

“How do I take care of leather items?”

“What are the signs that upholstery needs to be cleaned?”

Thanks again for asking so many great questions this year. Keep them coming! Don’t stop now! We are accepting questions for next year! Let’s bring even more cleaning hints and tips in 2017 . Submit a question by clicking this link or filling out the form on the right. Or if you would rather ask us over the phone, call us at (905) 549-9994 for service Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas.

From all of us at Sparkling Clean, happy holidays and have a terrific new year!

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