Grease Stains

Dear Francine,

My family sometimes eats in the living room despite the many times I try to lay down the law about not having any sauces or other kinds of greasy foods near the carpets. I am terrified I am going to see grease stain in any corner of the living room any day now. What should I do if I spot any grease stains on my carpets?


Thanks for the great question!

I think all of our readers can agree that grease stains are the absolute worst. Though the end result of grease stains on your carpets or furniture may seem minor compared to red wine, mud, or tomato stains, they are an undeniable irritant to all homeowners. Once you notice that slightly discoloured patch of carpet, it is impossible to un-notice it. For any and all stains, we always recommend you trust the quick, pristine cleanings offered by Sparkling Clean‘s celebrated Dry Foam. However, if you are catching a grease stain just moments after it appeared, there are a few simple remedies you can follow to wipe out the stain before it sets in your carpet.

1) Blotting & Cold Water

 Wipe up any excess food you can with paper towels, making sure that you don’t spread the stain around. Next, simply blot the area clean with a wet cloth and let the area dry.

2) Detergent 

The most unexpected saviour from a new stain is right in your kitchen. Dish detergent is designed to handle tough grease stains. Apply some dish detergent to a wet cloth, scrub the area, and let air dry. CAUTION: You may want to test dish detergent solution on an unseen bit of carpet under a couch or chair, as not all detergents are created equal and some detergents leave a stain of their own. 

Grease stains are extremely difficult to treat.  If you are seeing these notoriously stubborn stains on your couches, chairs, mattresses, carpets or rugs, Sparkling Clean Services is here to help. Give us a call at (905) 549-9994 for a free estimate on wiping out your most troublesome grease stains with our celebrated Dry Foam cleaning method. Servicing Hamilton, Ancaster, Brantford, Oakville and Burlington, Sparkling Clean will make your toughest stains history. For any questions, give us a call or Ask Francine online!

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