Not-So-Sweet Spots

Dear Francine,

My husband and I do our best to juggle work and family. With three rambunctious young ones at home, major messes and stains are pretty common in our house. Typically, our kids tend to favor jam sandwiches as snacks. It isn’t long before I see drops of jam all over the floors. Do you have any advice for getting jam stains off the rugs?

Thanks so much for your letter! Yes, it can be difficult keeping your home clean when all of your kids have a sweet tooth. The trouble with the aftermath of sugary, heavy jams staining your rugs is that the sugar tends to harden fairly quickly after landing on your carpet in a liquid or spreadable state. Sparkling Clean’s celebrated dry foam method will have your harshest sugary stains removed within minutes. However, if you have small, fresh stains, here are a few things you can do to remove the not-so-sweet sweet spots on your rugs.

With sweet spreads like jellies and jams or savoury ones like mustard and mayo, the process is the same. Any dollop of the spread that has landed on your rugs should be removed immediately. Rather than picking it up with a cloth or paper towel, your best bet is to scoop up as much of the spread as you can. Gently dig under the drop of spread with a metal spoon and lift it up. Hold your spoon horizontally to cover a greater amount of space and slide it as close to the rug fabric as possible, then lift the spread and dispose of it.

With the excess spread lifted away from your rug, you can focus on the stain before it hardens. Mix one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent with a ½ cup of warm water. Dampen a cloth with the mix and wipe the stain. When the stained area has faded, blot area dry with a towel.

If heavy stains cover your rugs, mattresses, carpets, or furniture, we’re here to help. Call Sparkling Clean Services at (905) 549-9994 for a free quote on your next Dry Foam cleaning. We service Ancaster, Hamilton, Brantford, Oakville, and surrounding areas. If you have any questions, remember to Ask Francine.

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