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Tips & Tricks For Upholstery Cleaning

Dear Francine, I have an upholstered accent chair that I really love, but can't possibly bring out when company's around due to several unsightly stains. What can I do? Of course we can help you with upholstery! How you approach upholstery cleaning depends on how you...

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Removing Smaller Coffee Stains

Hi Francine, My family is a group of die hard coffee drinkers. We're never seen without a cup. We go through several pots a day! So, you can imagine that little drips of coffee have a habit of appearing on the carpets, couches and even the beds. What would you...

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Dust In Your New Home (And How To Get Rid Of It)

As the premier source for furniture, upholstery and carpet cleaning in Ancaster, we really appreciate the questions about these topics that come pouring in via our Ask Francine page. Here's one such question that's just popped in: Since my husband and I moved in to a...

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